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Bonilla-Solís Family



Micromill: Don Mayo
Address: Tarrazú, San José, Costa Rica, 10501
Phones: 88282505 /
Elevation: 1750-2000 m.a.s.l.
Harvest: December-March
Species: Arabica
Cultivar/variety: Caturra , Catuai , Bourbon , Peaberry
Certifications: NAMA CAFÉ

Awards given to farms

  • El Llano
    • Cup of Excellence, 6 place, 2014
    • Cup of Excellence, 10 place, 2013
    • Cup of Excellence, 22 place, 2019
    • Cup of Excellence, 25 place, 2018
    • Cup of Excellence, 34 place, 2015
  • La Loma
    • Cup of Excellence, 1 place, 2020
    • Cup of Excellence, 3 place, 2008
    • Cup of Excellence, 5 place, 2016
    • Cup of Excellence, 6 place, 2018
    • Cup of Excellence, 9 place, 2019
    • Cup of Excellence, 14 place, 2009
    • Cup of Excellence, 17 place, 2017
  • Bellavista
    • Cup of Excellence, 1 place, 2009
    • Cup of Excellence, 18 place, 2017
    • Cup of Excellence, 22 place, 2018




The “DON MAYO” family is a producer, processor, roaster, and exporter of one of the finest coffees in the world. We are a family company focusing on high quality coffee for many years.

Our coffee is from the Tarrazú region, which is worldwide known for its coffee. This quality is due not only to the privileged soils, altitude and climate of this region, but also for its people –hard workers and committed to their work. Our coffee plantations are situated between 1.650 and 2.100 m.a.s.l. and located in the Tarrazú and León Cortés counties.

Thanks to our consistency and commitment, through several decades in producing coffee and more than one decade in processing coffee, we have been able to reach Japan -our largest market-, Korea, Taiwan, United States, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Lithuania, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries. In all these countries, our coffee is sold under our brand DON MAYO, offering traceability for our products back to the Tarrazú region, and offering its exotic flavors.

We strive every year to produce the finest coffee; therefore, we are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to produce, process and roast our coffee. Since 2008, we have been awarded many recognitions in the Costa Rican Cup of the Excellence -wolrdwide competition that rewards coffee quality.

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