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Arrieta-Brenes Family

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Micromill: Vista Al Valle / Olymar Santa Lucia III S.A
Address: 250 mts Norte de la Iglesia de Lourdes, Alajuela, Lourdes, Cirri Sur, Naranjo, 20604
Phones: 24512620 / 88510663
Elevation: 1550-1650 m.a.s.l.
Harvest: December-March
Species: Arabica
Cultivar/variety: Caturra , Bourbon , Geisha , Villa Sarchí , SL28/Kenya , San Isidros , VIC 4
Certifications: None

Awards given to farms


  • Cup of Excellence, Don Fidel 1st place


  • Cup of Excellence, Don Fidel 10th place


  • Cup of Excellence, Don Fidel 8th place
  • Cup of Excellence, Don Fidel 22th place
  • Cup of Excellence, Don Fidel 7th place


  • Cup of Excellence, Don Fidel 10th place
  • Cup of Excellence, Don Fidel 12th place


  • Cup of Excellence, Don Fidel 10th place
  • Cup of Excellence, Don Fidel 15th place
  • Cup of Excellence, Don Fidel 16th place
  • Cup of Excellence, Don Fidel 9th place


  • Cup of Excellence, La Cuesta – Finca Zapote 25th place
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We are a family made up of five members: Oldemar Arrieta, Marlene Brenes and our children --Francisco Javier, Jorge Luis and Marco Vinicio Arrieta Brenes. For generations we have dedicated ourselves to coffee production. Our farms are located in the mountains of Naranjo in the coffee region of the Occidental Valley. This area is highly privileged for the coffee activity due to its geographical location, altitude, climate and very fertile volcanic soils.

Our farms are named La Casa, Zapote and Fidel. In 2013, we decided to participate in the Cup of Excellence of Costa Rica with a lot harvested at Fidel. To our great surprise, this sample turned out to be the winner of that year.

From our ancestors, we inherited the customs of perseverance, effort and struggle. Our great-great-grandfather, Florindo Segura, taught us the love for coffee. He said that coffee had something special since many humble families benefited from it.

We work hard in our coffee plantations to bring you the wonderful coffee of Naranjo.

In 2009, we began to process our own coffee in a micromill that was not ours. In this place, we were given the great opportunity to gain experience in processing coffee. For the 2012-2013 harvest, we decided to install our own processing equipment, and name our micromill Vista al Valle. We built patios and greenhouses for natural sun-drying. After several tastings of our lots, we decided to make our debut in the Cup of Excellence with two samples. One of them was selected as the first place in the 2013 edition of this prestigious competition. From that year onwards, we have participated repeatedly in the contest, obtaining several awards and good rankings in the international auctions.

We currently export our coffee to different countries such as: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, United States, Canada, among others.

In Vista al Valle we continue to work always trying to improve our crops and processes, at all times driven by our affection to coffee.

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